The organization of events or small events for your business is particularly important since it enhances its readability and prestige. Your customers are happy to attend your events but at the same time it attracts other new potential customers.


Below we break down 6 smart and useful ways to showcase it on social media.

If you consider the time and the percentage of people who spend time on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin then you understand the importance of displaying the event on these networks resulting in the immediate response of your customers.


Start by creating an event on Facebook, putting the necessary information (location and time of the event, important elements and parts of the event, and of course the purpose) Also, here you can emphasize to your guests by mentioning how important and special it is for you to honor you with their presence. (Use a more direct and relaxed way of presenting the event)


Very helpful in increasing the traffic on your page and by extension the presence of your customers at the events is the use of advertising or promotion of the event. At a very low cost, starting from 1 E/day you can choose the audience, age, interests, define the areas (countries-places) where the advertisement will be shown and in this way increase awareness, visibility but the percentage of people who have been informed about the event.


Images, charts and/or videos will add intensity, color and more interactivity to your event. Design a photo for a cover picture and place it on the official page of your business or even on your personal page. Also, collect material from previous similar events and present it to your audience.

10 (1)

  • MAKE MORE Spontaneous POSTS

Your first posts for the event should have a more serious character since you will be referring to the presentation of data and your audience should understand exactly when-when-why. Gradually and getting closer to the event, you can upload images and moments from the preparation of the event.

These posts are very pleasant, direct and real giving a more relaxed image that helps in a more approachable relationship with your audience.



Ask previous satisfied customers to report their impressions and opinions about the event that took place! Then you can retweet and add it to your business tweeter! Your personal customer feedback is great for getting new customers to sign up for the event!


Finally, don't forget through your posts both that day and the previous times to reward the people/partners who worked methodically to present the event as well as the audience who chose to attend that day near you.

Follow a strategy and a schedule for the promotion of your events, plan your time so that the result will reward your effort and vision.

Good luck to everyone!

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