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Buttefly Stories is an experienced and award-winning innovative Strategy & Marketing company specializing in the comprehensive provision of social media advertising and management services (Facebook / Instagram) especially in the field of Catering (restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, cafes, bistros), Hotels and food products

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In this service we create the marketing strategy for your business, taking into account the internal and external environment, the competition and all the parameters we need to weigh

Marketing Strategy: we create the marketing strategy for your business
Food Styling & Photography / Videography of Food & Food


With this service we undertake the full Photo shoot and video recording of your services and business premises as a whole. Having the right equipment and team, we carry out a photo shoot whose end result has the character and contagiousness of your business

Marketing & Social Media Management

We use the most modern tools and social media Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Pinterest, Tiktok, Spotify meeting the needs of each business based on the audience that wants to be seen with the maximum possible results

Marketing & Social Media Management
Strategic Development & Promotion of Gastronomy in the Hotel Sector and Catering


Promotion of Gastronomy in

Hotel sector and hospitality

A good restaurant or patisserie needs a strong foundation to stay on top. His own identity recorded in an extensive and detailed business plan. After market analysis and discussion with you owners, we design a personalized business plan for your business that you need in the first step

Marketing Awards - Culinary Marketing, Advertising and Strategy Awards

Butterfly Stories Food Management & Hospitality Consultants 
is an award-winning company that operates in Greece and Cyprus and pioneers – providing integrated services
strategy, marketing and advertising




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