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Marketing Strategy in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Food Products


Marketing Strategy in Gastronomy - Marketing Strategy Infographic

Marketing Strategy in Gastronomy – Marketing Strategy Infographic


The Marketing Strategy

. marketing strategy refers to a business's overall plan of action to reach and persuade its target audience to buy its products or services.

It involves planning and executing activities aimed at achieving specific marketing objectives within a defined time frame. A well defined marketing strategy is vital to guide a company in its efforts to effectively promote and sell its products or services (or to develop NEW PRODUCTS / NEW SERVICES).

The key elements of a marketing strategy typically include:

1. Marketing Objectives (goal / purpose): setting specific and measurable goals that the business wishes to achieve.

2. Target market: identifying and understanding the specific audience or market segment that the business aims to reach with its products or services.

3. Competition analysis: evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and understanding the market conditions in which the company operates.

4. Unique selling proposition(USP): defining the unique qualities or characteristics that distinguish the company's products or services from those of competitors.

5. Marketing mix:

Marketing Strategy in gastronomy - Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy in gastronomy - Marketing Strategy

Product: deciding on the features, design and functionality of the product or service.

Price: determining the pricing strategy, taking into account factors such as cost, competition and perceived value.

Inside: defining the distribution channels through which the product or service will be made available to customers.

Promotion: planning promotional activities, including advertising, public relations and sales promotions.

6. Channels of distribution: choosing the most effective and efficient ways to deliver products or services to the target audience.

7. Marketing budget: allocation of financial resources to various marketing activities to ensure a balanced and effective campaign.

8. Performance metrics and records: defining key performance indicators (KPIs – Key Performance Indicators) and methods for measuring the success of marketing efforts.

A successful one marketing strategy it usually is dynamic and adaptable, taking into account changes in market conditions, consumer behavior and the competitive landscape. It serves as a road map for the company's marketing efforts, providing a framework for decision making and resource allocation.


Gastronomic Marketing Heraklion Crete

Gastronomic Marketing - Strategic Marketing, Heraklion Crete

A video with ideas for creating a successful Marketing Strategy plan

key features of a successful Marketing Strategy plan

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Marketing and Branding Strategy in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Food Products

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Marketing Strategy in gastronomy - Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy in gastronomy - Marketing Strategy


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