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Professional Photography, Videography of Food / Food Products / Catering & Hospitality
Photography & Videography in Gastronomy


Professional Photography and Videography of Food - Restaurant - Hotel

Professional Photography and Videography of Food - Restaurant - Hotel


Tips and tricks on how to do a professional restaurant photo shoot and video shoot:

Creating a professional, proper, photo and video shoot for a restaurant is a fantastic way to showcase your shop and attract new customers. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you plan and execute a successful shoot:

1. Define your goals:

Determine the purpose of the shot. Do you want to promote the atmosphere of the restaurant, highlight traditional dishes or showcase the entire dining experience?

2. Plan your list:

Create a shot list that describes the specific shots you want to take. Include photos of the restaurant's exterior, interior, staff, food, drinks, and any unique features.

3. Choose the right equipment:

  • Use a high-quality camera and, if possible, a tripod to ensure steady shots.
  • Consider using a DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses for better control over composition and depth of field.
  • Invest in good lighting equipment, including softboxes or LED panels, to ensure well-lit shots.

4. Set the scene:

Make sure the restaurant is clean and well organized before shooting. Pay attention to details such as table settings, decorations and background elements. Consider the time of day for natural lighting or use artificial lighting if necessary.

5. Style and composition:

Arrange dishes and drinks carefully, paying attention to color and presentation. Use composition techniques such as the rule of thirds and baselines to create visually appealing shots. Experiment with different angles to capture the unique atmosphere of the restaurant. 

Use Stylists (Food Styling experts): for professional shoots work with a stylist (food stylist) to decorate the food. The stylist can help place elements, colors and decorations to highlight the food. Food photography is a special category of photography… that requires attention to detail and aesthetics!

6. Capture food and drink:

Highlight branded dishes and drinks. Take both close-ups and wide shots of dining tables to show the overall dining experience. Make sure the food looks fresh and tasty, using garnishes and props as needed.

7. Introduce the atmosphere:

Capture the atmosphere, including interior decor, seating arrangements and any special features such as a bar or outdoor seating. Consider taking photos of patrons enjoying their meals (with their consent).

8. Include staff:

Photograph the friendly and professional staff, both in action and in poses. Introduce the kitchen staff preparing food if possible.

9. Review the video assets:

If you're shooting video, use a stabilizer or gimbal for a smooth shot. Record short video clips of important moments such as food preparation, dishes being served and customers enjoying their meals. Add background music to set the mood if you like.

10. Editing and post-editing:

Edit your photos and videos to improve colors, contrast and overall quality. Use photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Photoshop or video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro for professional results.

11. Promote to social media:

Share your photos and videos on social media platforms like Instagram, the Facebook and YouTube.
Use relative hashtags and geotag to increase visibility. Encourage customers to share their own photos and experiences.

12. Consistency is key:

Maintain a consistent visual style across all your photos and videos to create a cohesive brand image.

13. Receive Rights:

If you intend to use images or videos of customers or staff for commercial purposes, ensure that you get their consent by asking them to sign release forms.

14. Tracking Engagement:

Track the performance of your photos and videos online to assess their impact on your restaurant's visibility and reputation. A well-executed photography and video shoot can help you showcase your restaurant's unique offerings and attract more customers. Don't hesitate to seek professional help if you are unsure of your photography or video editing skills, as the investment will definitely pay off if not immediately, then certainly in the medium / long term.

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13 simple technical tips for food photography!

Food / restaurant photography requires special techniques that will highlight the dishes, space and atmosphere of your restaurant. Here are some photography techniques:

1. Get as close as you can: this will definitely help highlight the ingredients of the dish you need to photograph.

2. Crop: if you can't get close enough, then crop the extra shot and make your shot more impressive.

3. Remove from above: try to have your camera aligned directly over your plate (if you're photographing a burger though, better not try this technique).

4. or from below: on the other hand if you have food that is "covered" in some way or better highlighted otherwise, try to bring the camera low - almost parallel to the surface you are photographing.

5. Dress your frame: once you've found the right level you want to photograph the product, think about what would fit next to it to frame it. Try items related to food preparation. For example, you can add next to some pancakes that you will photograph, a jar of honey or even a glass of milk.

6. Find the right coloring: strictly choose the color of the plate and the quality you want to have. In addition to a plate, it can be a pan, a stick or even a grill.

7. Correct lighting: lighting is critical, avoid direct flash lighting as it can create harsh shadows. Use natural light when possible, or use soft lighting with photo lights or softboxes to create soft lighting.

8. Choice of angles: e.gshoot with different shooting angles. Sometimes a tilted lap will show off the dishes better than a straight shot. Also try shots from different heights and side angles.

9. Focal Depth: xuse the depth of focus control to choose which areas will be in focus in photos. Usually, a close-up with the food in focus and a faint background makes for an interesting image.

10. Show movement: you can also add motion and activity within your image. If you are photographing a sweet, for example, you can throw some dust or some other element contained in it.

11. Give “air”: let's never forget the photographic (and not only) term "negative space". So let your frame breathe, make the frame as minimal as possible.

12. Use different lenses: try to photograph with fixed or zoom lenses. Play with apertures and millimeters. Wide or narrow shots? Both! Don't just use one lens and limit yourself there.

13. and finally - try something different: experimentation is one of the most important ingredients of success!

(PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE: it is not easy to take a good food photo. It takes a lot of patience, inspiration, study, persistence, but also a lot of culinary knowledge! Also, imagination is a necessary quality to create correct compositions)

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A video with ideas and tricks for Professional Food Photography

Photography Courses – Food Photography

Why is it so important and good strategy to do a professional photography and videography of a restaurant? Because the professional photography and videography of a restaurant has it become necessary anymore?

Professional restaurant photo and video shoots are essential and strategically valuable for several reasons:

1. Visual appeal and first impressions:

Visual content is highly engaging and can make a strong first impression. High-quality photos and videos of your restaurant's interior, decor, dishes and drinks can instantly grab the attention of potential customers.

2. Presentation of food and beverages:

Well-taken images and videos can make your food and drinks look incredibly appetizing, encouraging customers to try them. Visuals allow you to highlight the quality and presentation of your menu items.

3. Transfer of atmosphere and experience:

A restaurant is not just for food. it's also about the atmosphere, the service and the overall experience. Professional graphics can effectively convey the atmosphere, mood and personality of your restaurant.

4. Online presence and Social media:

In today's digital age, people often search for restaurants online before deciding where to dine. A strong web presence with high-quality graphics can attract potential customers and set you apart from competitors.

5. Social Media Engagement:

Attractive graphics can be highly shared on social media platforms. When customers share photos and videos of their dining experiences, it serves as free advertising and can expand your restaurant's reach to a wider audience.

6. Website and Marketing Materials:

Professional graphics can enhance your website, making it more visually appealing and informative. Additionally, you can use these graphics in marketing materials such as flyers, brochures and advertisements.

7. Brand Consistency:

High-quality graphics help create and maintain a consistent brand image. Consistency is vital to building trust and recognition among your target audience.

8. Competing in a Saturated Market:

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. Professional graphics can help you stand out and make a lasting impression in a crowded marketplace.

9. Attract Food Bloggers and Influencers:

The food bloggers (Food Blogging) and the influencers they often rely on visuals to make recommendations to their followers. High-quality photos and videos can attract these influencers to your restaurant, potentially leading to positive reviews and increased visibility.

10. Online Reviews and Ratings:

Visuals can encourage customers to leave positive reviews on platforms like Yelp, the TripAdvisor and the Google (Google Reviews), which can significantly affect your restaurant's reputation and ranking.

11. Menu updates and special offers:

If you frequently update your menu or offer special offers, professional graphics allow you to effectively showcase these changes and attract repeat customers.

In summary, the professional photo and video captures aren't just about capturing images. They are a strategic tool for marketing and promoting your restaurant. They can help you build a strong online presence, engage with your audience and explain why potential customers should choose your restaurant over others.

Professional Photography and Videography of Food - Restaurants - Hotels - Nutrition

Professional Photography and Videography of Food – Restaurants – Hotels – Nutrition


More use of video in Social Media advertising

The video is already a popular form of content on social media. In the future it is predicted to be even more their use. More and more businesses are adopting video marketing strategies, and social media platforms will continue to prioritize video content in their algorithms.


Professional Photography and Videography of Food - Restaurant - Hotel – Cost & Offer Packages?

THE PRICE LIST OF Professional Food - Restaurant - Hotel Photography and Videography SERVICES available in the market varies a lot as a market research will show you, as the services (level of services offered) vary a lot and there are no indicative prices. You'll need to do thorough research and choose your partners carefully in choosing the right partner for professional Restaurant or Hotel Gastronomy Photography and Videography services — ideally having first done some homework on your plan for what exactly you need and what your goals are.

Professional Photography and Videography of Food - Restaurant - Hotel

Professional Photography and Videography of Food - Restaurant - Hotel


A selection of video shoots and photography in restaurants and hotels of our clients

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Professional Photography, Videography of Food / Food Products / Catering & Hospitality

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Professional Photography and Videography of Food-Restaurant-Hotel-Nutrition

Professional Photography and Videography of Food – Restaurants – Hotels – Food Products

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