Food Marketing: Butterfly Stories adds Mykonos and Skyros to its portfolio and sees success for 2019

Butterfly Stories Food Marketing & Food Management Company entered 2019 with a strong start by adding the Greek islands of Mykonos and Skyros to its portfolio of destinations where it offers its Gastronomic Marketing services.


(This article is a reprint from of the interview of Ms. Elisabeth Kouta Andreadaki, founder of ButterflyStories, regarding the Gastronomic Hotel Marketing)

The first company in Greece that provides consulting services, Gastronomic Marketing services, to restaurants and hotel restaurants in various Greek destinations. Butterfly Stories offers a range of services that can help businesses improve their brand awareness, overall sales and design authentic experiences for their visitors.

Marketing Strategy, Advertising & Consulting Services in Catering, Tourism, Nutrition

Marketing Strategy, Advertising & Consulting Services in Catering / Tourism / Nutrition

"We are more than ready to offer the best services to our new partners," Butterfly Stories CEO Elizabeth Kouta told GTP Headlines, emphasizing that each new destination is a new experience for the company.

"It is our pleasure to cooperate with new businesses. Our strategic goal for 2019 was to expand our services to new destinations and this was achieved through the development of our business plans in Mykonos and Skyros,” he added.

But that's not all, as Butterfly Stories has also launched a new service this year: the 'Signature Breakfast Experience' for hotels, which focuses on shaping guests' breakfast experience into a 'total' hospitality experience.

In this interview, Elizabeth gives us details about Butterfly Stories' services and plans for 2019.

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing - Gastronomic Marketing of Restaurants and Hotels

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing – Gastronomic Marketing of Restaurants and Hotels

"With our portfolio of destinations growing, we are already welcoming 2019 with a bang." – Elizabeth Kouta, CEO of Butterfly Stories

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing - Gastronomic Marketing of Hotels and Restaurants

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing – Gastronomic Marketing of Hotels and Restaurants

Blue Key Villas, Crete. Photo Credit: The Focus Pocus Photography for Butterfly Stories Company

GTP: Elizabeth, please share with our readers some information about the concept of Butterfly Stories. What inspired you to create the company?

Elizabeth Kouta: My inspiration came when I was working as a Nutrition Care Manager at Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resortt. We had 6-8 different a la carte restaurants operating in the hotel and I thought they should be treated independently in the hotel and not just another service. Gastronomy is a huge aspect that can achieve great sales but also provide a high-level experience to a hotel guest if handled properly with all the necessary services. That's why I created Butterfly Stories Gastronomy Marketing Company, which offers services that cover the needs of hotels from start to finish, making it a success story. Our services include a strategy plan, marketing management, social media and graphic design, branding and logo design, and food and photography experience.

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing - Gastronomic Marketing

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing – Gastronomic Marketing

GTP: What are Butterfly Stories' goals for 2019?

Elizabeth Kouta: Our first priority is to continue to provide our current customers with the highest quality of restaurant service and their needs, taking into account changes and shifts in the economy, marketing and current culinary trends. At this point, I am happy to announce that one of our goals has already been achieved through our expansion to two new destinations: the islands of Mykonos and Skyros. We look forward to working with businesses on these two islands. I must add that we are really excited to set higher goals but also work hard to achieve them.

GTP: In what specific areas do you help partner companies and restaurants?

Elizabeth Kuta: We have created a list of services that the culinary concept of restaurants and hotels need to become competitive and ahead of the market! We travel and keep researching by attending forums and exhibitions so that our clients can enjoy the latest upgraded services in strategy, marketing, branding, food and photoshooting experience and so many other personalized services that complete the result so clients enjoy a holistic experience during their visit to the hotel or restaurant.

GTP: When Butterfly Stories participated in the last 100% Hotel Show, you announced that you have added a new service for the hospitality industry. Tell us more about this new service.

Elizabeth Kouta: At the end of 2018 we launched a completely new service focusing on boutique hotels and presented it at the 100% Hotel Show. The new service, which is called 'Signature Breakfast Experience by Butterfly Stories' aims to bring a whole new era to the guest experience. The service, which aims to take breakfast to a whole other level of experience for guests, was launched after research and on-site examination, where we analyzed the needs of hotel guests. Through the Signature Breakfast Experience, guests can explore gastronomy from the first moments of their arrival at a hotel. Small gifts await them in their room. The concept of the buffet is very different, offering delicious healthy options, authentic Greek recipes. and there is an elegant decoration that ultimately shapes the overall concept.
The first hotels ready to offer this new experience are in Sfakia, Crete. Chora, Mykonos? and Skyros.

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing

ButterflyStories Gastronomy Marketing

Blue Key Villas, Crete. Photo Credit: The Focus Pocus Photography for Butterfly Stories Company.

GTP: Do you have other collaborations?

Elizabeth Kuta: Yes! We are also working on two new projects for the island of Crete, aiming to offer a unique experience to their guests. The first concept focuses on the 180o turn of a restaurant into something new and profitable for a company. The amazing thing about this business is that you have to create something good for the market but also amazing for the visitor. Therefore, you need to consider a number of elements that will work together and lead to success.
The other project involves a New Bakery Delicatessen that will offer high-quality pastry products, while guests will be able to choose – from a rich selection – their own meal, from freshly squeezed juices to daily meals from the buffet bar for the day.

GTP: It seems that you are very satisfied with your purchase and work.

Elizabeth Kuta: Indeed, we are very grateful. Our steps are very carefully planned and we put a lot of work into creating new stories that will bring happiness and satisfaction to restaurant and hotel guests. This is ultimately the core principle of our company.

GTP: Elizabeth, you are an entrepreneur, running a business at a very young age, in a very demanding industry. Is this a "dream come true" for you?

Elizabeth Kuta: Actually it is! I created the company Butterfly Stories when I was 26 years old after my four-year experience at Out of the Blue Capsis Hotel which gave me the opportunity to learn and enter the hospitality market. I really feel like I'm just living my dream. Of course, it can be stressful at times and very demanding for a woman and especially for this type of company which is unique to the Greek industry. But on the other hand, I feel grateful and want to tell people that anyone can make their dream come true with hard work, perseverance and positive thinking.


Gastronomic Marketing Heraklion Crete

Gastronomic Marketing

* Elizabeth Kouta is the owner and CEO of Butterfly Stories Food Management Company, established in December 2015. Born in Cyprus in 1989, Elizabeth grew up in Paphos and continued her studies in Athens. He holds a BA in Home Economics and Ecology and a Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Nutrition from the Harokopion University of Athens. In 2014-2015 she obtained her second master's degree in Business Administration, Strategic Management at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. She started her career at Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort in Crete, as Nutrition Care Manager. He worked there for four years before creating Butterfly Stories with the vision of giving restaurants another level of hotel-like quality and service.

In its three years of operation, Butterfly Stories has in its portfolio 21 clients from all over Greece.




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