5 Love in the City Advertising Campaigns

Every time we are asked to create something new for a client, we think about the needs of the audience we are addressing, but also what would make them happy the most. You know there are many kinds of stories, but you love the ones that you feel speak directly to your heart and contain truth.

So let's get started! Monday morning, and as the celebration of love approaches we started writing.

History N1. Ace Tennis Academy

A campaign was designed for the company, focusing on camaraderie and strengthening the bonds in people's relationships, specifically a couple. With central title Working Out together we invited customers to invite their partner to their favorite activity in order to share more creative time together! We even tried to reward this by offering the 20% public a discount on the subscription of both!

The company that always envisions offering more to its athletes has done the same, once again.

Ace Tennis | Providing More | Heraklion, 2020 

History N2. Balik Cafe

It is one of the most well-known neighborhood cafes in the city, and not without reason since it offers delicious meals from morning to night in a newly renovated space. With the thought that we move at an extremely fast pace in our everyday life, we created the campaign with a central Title We start our day together where we actually encourage couples to enjoy breakfast together before they get to work. Rewarding this move, the Lady's meal for all couples and for the whole day of Friday would be free.

History N3. Baula's Wrinkle

In 2016, we launched for the first time the campaign that the public of Crete loved the most. With central title "Say it with a love spell" we invited the audience to express their love to their partner with the most beautiful verses of the Cretan dialect. This was born from the idea of the principles and values of the restaurant itself where, for a number of years, it advocates Cretan cuisine by cooking authentic recipes, something that brought the locals closer, and people who visited the restaurant wrote mandinades that now adorn the space itself. Rewarding the sweetest words, the lucky ones would enjoy their dinner at the Rouga restaurant of Baoulas, continuing the most traditional verbal form of love.

History N4. Indigo Cafe.

One could say that Indigo is the most central cafe in the city since it is located on August 25 overlooking the imposing temple of St. Titus, but also the biggest coffee tradition in the city since it was one of the first cafes that offered specialty coffee 3rd wave and trained his staff in the most modern methods. So, we created the headline campaign "Sharing is Caring" essentially inviting business customers to show their interest in their partner by sharing moments together! In particular, by inviting the person you would like to drink coffee with, 4 lucky people (after a draw) would enjoy their coffee with their loved ones completely free of charge.

History N5. Zakas Sweets & Savory Delicacies

The company Zakas celebrated its 25 years of operation this year with a central Slogan Think of You Energize your day, a slogan we created for the need of people to take care of themselves, eat right and be healthy first for themselves and then for their loved ones. so the 1st message was given on the 1st of the month. We then proceeded to encourage the expression of love towards their partner, with favorite Max Perry chocolates. The business for the entire week offered special offers with a central title "We celebrate love & offer". We are happy to write stories that carry sound, light up the heart and strengthen the power of people to move forward together.