CASE STUDY – Why you need to showcase your hotel gastronomy (and how to achieve it in 3 steps) HOTEL SHOW 2022

The role of gastronomy in promoting hotels

Case study from its CEO Butterfly Stories Food Management & Hospitality Consultants, Elizabeth Kouta Andreadaki

✨The role of gastronomy in promoting your hotel and attracting premium customers

✨3 steps to the promotion of hotel gastronomy

The role of gastronomy in hotel promotion

The role of gastronomy in hotel promotion


  • Date: 19/11/2022
  • Duration: 17.30 – 17.50
  • Curator: Elizabeth Kouta Andreadaki, Butterfly Stories

Ms. Kouta Andreadaki will be introduced to the catering industry at just 22 years old, as she takes over as nutritionist her 1st job at the hotel "Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort". He will work in this position for 4 years, living very close by.the magic of gastronomy and the satisfaction that this experience brings to the customer when it is complete", he says characteristically. Thus, she proceeds to obtain her 2nd master's degree in the subject "Business management – Strategic Management» from the Kapodistrian University, which gives her the strength and knowledge to take her next professional step.

He founded the company 7 years ago "Butterfly Stories Food Management & Hospitality Consultants", in Heraklion, Crete, which is the first and only one in this area that deals exclusively with gastronomy, food and hotel catering. The company offers complete culinary services for either restaurants or hotels.

In 2021 she is awarded with gold awards for women's entrepreneurship and her actions Butterfly Stories Food Management & Hospitality Consultants.

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Butterfly Stories Food Management & Hospitality Consultants is an award-winning company operating in Greece and Cyprus and a pioneer – providing integrated strategy, marketing and advertising services.

An experienced and award-winning pioneering company Strategy, Marketing and Advertising specializing in providing comprehensive advertising and management services in Social Networks (Facebook / Instagram), especially in her field Food Servicing (restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, cafes, bistros), Hospitality (hotels) and Food Products